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Digital Design

We use computer-aided design to craft intricate products, which, in turn, enable us to create cost-effective and precise prototypes, paving the way for small-batch production.

TechCraft Transformation

Our expertise lies in modernizing traditional crafts, using technology to transform natural & waste materials into 21st-century market-ready products.

Earth-friendly Materials

Passion drives us to create ergonomic designs from sustainable materials, encompassing natural fibers, bio materials, and upcycled plastic or wood.

Our portfolio

Reimagining products through technology and natural materials

A design created
to excite people

Every project complexity differs but this is how much effort we spend on each aspect of the project

Exploring eco friendly alternatives
Embed Electronics
Fabrication / Prototyping

Wearable Technology Projects

Reinvent Projects

Visual Experience Projects

Textile Projects

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Create a lasting visual impact with sustainable products and better use of technology.

Where to find us

Prayaana Infomedia, Infopark TBI, 1ST Floor, Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Kaloor, Ernakulam, Kerala
Phone: 9809080888