Screwpine Bag

Screw pine, also known as Pandanus or Thazha in Malayalam, is a versatile plant that grows abundantly in Kerala, India. Its long, spiky leaves have been traditionally used for weaving a variety of useful and beautiful products. Screwpine weaving is an 800 year old craft. In the village of Thalayolaparambu, the women of Jawahar Center have honed their weaving skills to create exquisite bags, table mats, and other textile products using screw pine.

The Jawahar Center, led by the skilled artisans, has become a hub for preserving and promoting traditional crafts in the region. The center provides a platform for women to showcase their talent and earn a livelihood through their craftsmanship. Under the guidance of Soul Sanchi, the women have been able to fuse the age-old technique of screw pine weaving with contemporary designs.




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