Canada India Social Security Agreement

Canada and India have recently signed a social security agreement to help facilitate the movement of people between the two countries. The agreement is designed to provide greater social protection to workers and their families who work and live in either Canada or India.

The agreement will allow workers to qualify for social security benefits in their home country, even if they are working in the other country. This includes benefits such as pensions, disability benefits, and survivor benefits.

One of the major benefits of this agreement is that it will help eliminate the double taxation of social security contributions for people working in both countries. Under the agreement, workers will only have to pay social security contributions in one country, rather than both.

Another important aspect of the Canada-India social security agreement is that it will help promote the movement of skilled workers between the two countries. This is particularly important for industries that rely heavily on skilled workers, such as the technology sector.

Overall, the Canada-India social security agreement is a positive development for both countries. It will provide greater social protection to workers and their families, while also making it easier for skilled workers to move between Canada and India.

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