Actors Equity Streaming Agreement

Actors` Equity Association, commonly known as Actors` Equity or simply Equity, is a labor union representing actors and stage managers in the theater industry in the United States. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect the entertainment industry, particularly live theater shows, Actors` Equity has been working to secure better working conditions for its members, including negotiating better streaming agreements with production companies and streaming services.

One recent achievement of Actors` Equity is its streaming agreement with the Broadway streaming service, BroadwayHD. The agreement allows Equity members to receive both initial compensation and residual payments for their work on productions that are streamed on BroadwayHD. Additionally, it sets minimum requirements for compensation, rehearsal and performance times, and other working conditions.

This agreement is a significant step forward for Equity members, as it provides a new revenue stream for actors and stage managers who may have lost work due to the pandemic. It also acknowledges the value of their creative work in the digital age, and ensures that they are properly compensated for their contributions to the productions.

The agreement with BroadwayHD also sets a precedent for future streaming agreements with other production companies and streaming services. It establishes clear guidelines for fair compensation and working conditions, ensuring that Equity members are not taken advantage of in this emerging digital space.

Actors` Equity has been working tirelessly to negotiate these agreements, advocating for its members` rights and helping them navigate the challenges of the COVID-19 era. As the pandemic continues to affect the theater industry, it is important that actors and stage managers have access to fair compensation and working conditions, regardless of how their work is being distributed. The streaming agreement with BroadwayHD is a significant victory for Equity, and a positive sign for the future of the theater industry as a whole.

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