June 2023


If you are looking to enter into a joint development agreement (JDA) in India, it is essential to have a clear understanding of its format. A JDA is an agreement between the landowner and the developer wherein they agree to collaboratively develop a piece of land. A JDA is a legally binding agreement that […]


Agreement for arbitration is a legal agreement between two parties that stipulates any disputes arising from a contract or business relationship will be settled through arbitration rather than litigation. Arbitration is a private and confidential process of resolving disputes where an arbitrator is appointed to make a decision based on evidence presented by both […]


Agreement Number Meaning in Tamil: All You Need to Know When it comes to legal documents, often the terms and jargon used can leave one scratching their head in confusion. One such term that can leave people perplexed is the agreement number. This term is commonly used in legal documents, especially in Tamil Nadu, […]

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